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Communications Coalition- December 2020

The Huerfano Communications Coalition was created for the purpose of meeting to communicate programs, projects, and interest of mutual interest; to discuss and study matters of mutual interest and concern; and to develop policy and action recommendation for ratification and implementation by participating governmental entities, organization, corporations and agencies. The goal of the Coalition shall be to strengthen the local economy while combining total resources for meeting area challenges beyond the individual capacities of the Coalition members and to work across governmental boundaries for the combined good of Huerfano County.

Kim Gonzales Los Animas Huerfano County Health Department

Encourage everyone to come get tested. Help us get tested. Huerfano will be moving to red on the dial tomorrow. Implemented by the state. We will be pushing information as much as possible to help everyone know what is happening. We do have vaccine coming but not yet. Fizer. Tiers to vaccinations. There is hope for the future. If we can identify and isolate we will be better. Get rolling back the other way on the dial. No gathering, social distancing, hand washing, mask.

Huerfano Community Testing Site Free Drive Thru COVID Testing

December 3rd, 10:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 6:00pm

December 4th, 10:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 6:00pm

December 5th, 9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Jeanne Hoyt Red Cross

Just here listening.

Debbie Channel- retirement

Please go get tested. Debbie is now retired but will still be around to help if you need.

Monica Beer- Dakota Campground BIRCO Service Center

City doing budget and added duty to the Campground. Working on that issue and looking to economic development. Two people BIRCO has done work for have not paid, would like some advice about these not being paid. With Mr. Sund leaving there will likely be a time of transition.

Trying to keep homeless out of the showers, still not taking overnight campers. City CARES money is going to shower coupons at the TA. Dorcas, Dakota Campgrounds, and others have shower coupons. Please share with anyone who needs a hot shower, everything provided.

Carl Young County Administrator

Dec 16 new County Planner will be starting. They will be a good asset- help move the County forward. Brittney working to set up testing

Judicial center grand opening is delayed until the spring due to COVID. The Center will be occupied starting this week.

Still waiting on grant from DOLA for 3rd floor renovations of court house.

Offices will remain open including county clerk duties. Please call to set an appointment before showing up to the office. We will be moving online as much as possible.

County budget will be approved in the next two weeks.

Meet new Economic Development Director Carlton Croft.

Looking forward to next year!

Brian Lalander, Walsenburg city mayor

Brian supports Kim Gonzales at the Health Department 100%. Go get tested and be careful. City offices closed. Budget meeting will be on December 8th. Northlands meeting will be on the 11th at 1. Announcements on the website this week.

Brittney Ciarlo, County Recovery Manager

Testing today, tomorrow, and Saturday at the Court house. Everyone please get tested. We need to increase our volume of testing and isolating positive cases ASAP. The County is moving to Red on the state dial. See Kim Gonzales’ report above for more information. See testing information below as well.

Dana Walsh, Health Solutions

Busy with getting incoming clients set up on telehealth. Now offering bereavement services. Find more information on all our new services being offered at our website here,

Katie Sporcich, South Central Council Of Government

Offices currently closed to the public. Still taking referrals and hire providers. Lots of fear among elderly right now. We are supporting the elderly stay healthy and protected. Reduced staffing- 25% in the office is the goal but it is hard. 50% in the office. 50% from home. Still providing services.

Lois Adams, Cuchara Mountain Park

14 inches of snow in the mountains. Cuchara Mountain Park will be listed on Colorado Snow reports. Received GoCo grant for involvement with youth. Carl/John would like to thank Lois for her work. Vault toilet, custodian for the park, and HC Youth Conservation Group all set to be created from the grant. Grant would be a big boost for the park. Involvement with schools was the key to securing the grant. Group of volunteers ready to provide short classes. Goal of connecting kids who might not have come up before to experience the park. Core group of eight kids.

John Galusha, Former County Administrator

Now retired ask Carl Young if you have a question.

Rose True, SPACe

SPACe is open right now because they often have low traffic. Gift of art show information below. Currently open Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-3 and Saturdays 10-3. Gift or Art show ongoing, see flyer below. Starting January 9th -March 4th we will only open Saturday 10-2. We have been closed during January in the past but we are looking forward to a full schedule next year. Hope to have student shows in April. Visit website, for updated information, membership, and volunteer opportunities. Participating in SPBA Holiday giving celebration- see Bailee’s report for more information.

Maria Berger, Museum of Friends

Banner project and creative placemaking is wrapping up- there were wonderful submissions. People came in to see the works and voted. Extended COVID show through end of January. Marketplace of ideas has been postponed this year due to COVID. Visit website, to still shop online. Plan to stay open as long as possible. Never more than 10 people at a time. Holiday Giving Celebration. County CAREs helping with building updates.

Melinda Riggle, Colorado Workforce Development Center

Was previously appointment only but now only virtually. Lots of challenges reaching those who need served. Still serving funds for on the job training. Still seeking new opportunities to serve employers and employees.

Nancy Coe, Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau Board is revamping hand book on rural living. Adding new information around water, fencing, etc. Not sure who we will leave copy with yet. Will likely go through County office. Will be really working after the first of the year and providing updates.

Gerland Cisnero Huerfano County Commissioner

Judicial center moving today and tomorrow. Should begin working out of the building Monday. Everyone please go get tested to help change our numbers. Drop box for County payments should be used more often.

Sue Smith La Veta Schools

Continuing new school build. High school is at home now and prek-8 is in person.

Bob Kenemer; Southern Colorado Economic Development District

The Southern Colorado Economic Development District(SCEDD) team has begun to provide a slide program overview of their services and offerings to local governments. The presentation provides a history of the SCEDD program dating back to 1968. Currently the SCEDD staff are preparing for the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which is done every five years and includes all 13 SE Colorado Counties.

Look at the CEDS as a regional wish list for economic development. It will be crafted over the next year requiring local input. To that end, we encourage elected officials, business, and community leaders to take a 10 minute survey found on the website. More information will be provided next month.

Dave Rogers- American Legion, Post 16

Moving Vietnam Wall coming last year, cancelled due to COVID. Now expected to be on display June 18-20, 2021. Expect big crowd in Huerfano County. Only time it will be displayed in Colorado. Displayed at Hospital. Need volunteers!!! Please contact if available- expecting COVID requirements. Read more information below.

Three Blood drives collected 63 pints for Red Cross. January 19th at Community Center. Anyone can donate!

Bailee Harris- Spanish Peaks Business Alliance

South Central Council of Government has completed the- Southern Mountain Loop Planning and Environmental Linkages Study. This is on the Highway of Legends bringing new economic opportunities. Please read the complete report here,

Holiday Giving Celebration- donate to 15 local nonprofits starting December 4th. via the Spanish Peaks Business Alliance website.

Thank you, please contact Bailee Harris at if you have any questions.


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