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Communications Coalition- January 2021

The Huerfano Communications Coalition was created for the purpose of meeting to communicate programs, projects, and interest of mutual interest; to discuss and study matters of mutual interest and concern; and to develop policy and action recommendation for ratification and implementation by participating governmental entities, organization, corporations and agencies. The goal of the Coalition shall be to strengthen the local economy while combining total resources for meeting area challenges beyond the individual capacities of the Coalition members and to work across governmental boundaries for the combined good of Huerfano County.

**Mayor Lalander informed us if you already have a QR Code you do not need to register again but can use the same QR code. Everyone please get tested. This helps with our positivity rate and we need more people to be tested.

Bailee Harris, Business Development Associate, Spanish Peaks Business Alliance,

  • Need to vote on changing HCCC signatories. Currently have $427.14. Signatories would become the SPBA President Sarah Jardis, Vice President James Shoff, and Treasurer Kelly Delia. The Coalition voted via raising their hand on Zoom as the coalition is meeting virtually. The Coalition voted to approve. All other names shall be removed from the account.

  • Minutes will go out as a PDF this time to see what works best. Flyers are in the minutes.

  • Huerfano County Economic Development Inc., and Spanish Peaks Business Alliance Host Civic Leadership Course- Apply Now! The Civic Leadership course is designed for local aspiring leaders who would like to be more comfortable interacting with local, state, and federal level entities. The course will consist of a virtual intimate conversation for a select cohort of community members with these entities. Interested community members can find the application on the Spanish Peaks Business Alliance’s website, Applications must be completed by January 22nd. Applications will be reviewed by our selection committee and notified by February 8th.

Keith Hauber, American Legion Post 16

  • See flyer for the American Legion Blood Drive on the 19th of January from 10-2 at Huerfano Community Center. Scheduling an appointment is encouraged and masks are required. Email if you would like a printable version of this poster.

Dave Rogers, American Legion Post 16,

  • The Moving Vietnam wall will be visiting the Spanish Peaks Hospital June 18-20th. Looking for volunteers! Red Cross has already volunteered to help one day, we will need many more.

James Cooper,, 719-742-3704

  • Just getting caught back up with the community. Rural Wide Web offers Commerce solutions and web site design. Develop online ecommerce to help sell online. I like to help nonprofits where I can by donating my services, let me know if I can help your business or nonprofit.

  • Bailee plugged his great work on the new Spanish Peaks Chamber of Commerce website, visit it here.

Keri Powers Director of the Growing Life Garden Project/Family Engagement Coordinator HuLA / Site Lead Illuminate Colorado,

  • Growing Life Garden Project has created up to 21 garden programs. They received a grant through San Isabel to create a program at Huerfano RE1 which will provide enough food for RE1 and create a shade pavilion. Also, received a $10,000 grant to continue their work through the community. Farm to School program aims for each district to grow their own food. Hopefully working with the city for more clean up at Huerfano RE1.

  • Parents As Teachers program- for pregnant through kindergarten to become better parents and teachers. See flyer below.

  • Illuminate Colorado survey concluded an in person treatment is needed- next step is a community action plan.

  • More HULA handouts at the end of these minutes.

Brian Lalander, Mayor of Walsenburg,

  • ADA improvements- CDOT is completing curb cuts all the way to the bridge.

  • Please go get tested for COVID. We have had low turn out. Testing times and registration link is at the top of these minutes.

  • Since we are out of Red we will cleaning up the Park tomorrow (Friday) at 11am. We will meet at Stacey park at the end of Colorado Avenue (Colorado & Grant). Good foot wear, gloves, and a can do attitude is encouraged!

  • The city gave COGG $100,000 to distribute to those in need in Walsenburg for utilities. Applications can be found on the city website or call COGG. There are paper copies at the Utility office at City Hall or at the Train Depot.

Veronica Maes, South Central Council of Governments, Agency on Aging-

  • Still doing pick up meals to anyone, 60 and over $2 suggested donation, if you can’t pay still come by we will feed you. Delivered noon weekdays at the community center. We would like to get more people fed and reach out to everyone. We still have money for glasses, dental, hearing aids. Offer transportation support, in home care, etc. Learn more here-

  • Care share program- distributed next Tuesday at the Community Center. On the 29th SCCOG will present to the commissioners the progress made in 2020. We gave a lot of food, and we appreciated all the help.

  • New kitchen hopefully will begin being built soon. We are making do for now though and would love more volunteers!

  • Call our office at 719-738-2205 for more information on any of our programs.

La Veta Village (Veronica Maes)

  • Making progress on opening and construction has begun. Huerfano will soon have assisted living. Thank you to DOLA and everyone who has supported the efforts. Very excited for the new year.

Rose True, Spanish Peaks Arts Council-

  • Spanish Peaks Art Council retail space is closed January/Feb except Saturdays from 10-2.

  • Raised money through SPBA Holiday Giving Celebration. Board has not yet met to determine how money will be distributed between programs, but we appreciate the work.

  • New shows starting in March, opportunities for ads in the brochures in the new year, email or call SPACe to participate.

Elisa Ingoldby, Boies-Ortega Funeral Home-

  • Just here to listen, it’s been quite a year but we are happy things are feeling more controlled. Everyone should be tested for COVID and vaccinated. Please follow the guidelines. Thanks Debbie for all the help in keeping people updated on the ever changing situation.

  • The funeral home is still working on remodelling. Our offices are currently closed but you are welcome to make an appointment.

  • If anyone knows of someone who is looking for per diem work, we are hiring for someone to help with services. We are choosing not to advertise at this time since the position is per diem, but please send someone our way to Boies-Ortega FH if you know anyone who needs work.

Monica Birrer, Dakota Campgrounds

  • Just here to listen they have water- yay!

Bob Kenemer, Southern Colorado Economic Development District

  • Take the survey here,

  • Debbie asked if a comparison to past surveys will happen. Bob says this CEDS will be compared to previous CEDS, comparing to more would be great. Monica suggested she, Debbie, and Bob connect to find all the old ones.

Mary Jo Testitor, business owner, My One Hour Office,

  • Purchased HR block building and working to renovate the building and modernize. State inspectors are not coming around yet due to COVID and holidays so they have been slowed down. This will be a business center for the whole county. They will offer such business services as; large and small printing work, faxes, computers, notary, shredding site, kiosk offices, main offices, and Mailboxes on Mainstreet Program. This program will give businesses actually have a secure location on main street to pick up their mail from. There will also be ‘virtual mail boxes’, we will scan your mail to you. Signed up to have lightning fast internet. COVID Safe. Two offices available to rent long term. Hoping to be open in February. Email Mary Jo if you have questions or suggestions.

Carlton Croft, Economic Development & Tourism Director, Huerfano County

  • Region 14 Retail & Hospitality Sector Partnership meeting will be January 18th at 6pm. This meeting will be lead by business owners in the sector. Any are welcome to attend. Those in the public sector are also encouraged to attend to listen to businesses concerns. You can attend in person at the Huerfano County Community Center, or virtually via zoom. Here is the registration link,

Melinda Riggle- Colorado Workforce Development Council

  • Helping people with unemployment payment problems. Informations breeched and stolen. Unemployment system is changing this week. Claimants will go to a weekly request system. Unemployment filing needs email and internet and computer. We know that is an issue in our rural settings. Looking for ways to navigate and make a smooth transition.

  • Melinda will be re-assigned for 6 months to serve the rural consortium in a pilot program. We shall still see progress being made. Huerfano County services consolidated- employers should be seeing more. The email blasts will come from either Ray Martinez or Stephanie, they should be reaching out soon to connect. Trinidad’s Workforce Center will serve the job seeker needs. Sector partnership- more to come, can’t guarantee she will be representing us.

Lois Adams- Cuchara Mountain Park-

  • The park was busy over Christmas. About 100 people came up everyday to enjoy the park. Everything was kept clean. Carl Young and Lois are preparing the job descriptions for the two job positions coming soon.

Elizabeth Grey- Spanish Peaks Library District walsenburg,

  • Currently the library is open for pick ups only 10-2 MTWF. Reserve online or call the library during open hours. Or call and leave a message someone should be responding. We understand how frustrating this closure is but we will not be opening the interior until the county and state are at yellow. Ebooks are still available. We understand the frustration but we appreciate the patience. Not ideal for us either, we have had to lay off a few employees and move everyone else to part time.

  • We are still doing printing if you email your request to, not charging for prints at this time. Not charging over due fees. Attorney help the second week of the month. Call to give your information and you will be put in touch with an attorney who can advise

Dominic Elizondo- Huerfano County Business Resiliencies,

  • Keeping COVID resources up to date and sharing with businesses. Has created a list of businesses in the flood planes, still some work to be done to recognize everyone. Business spotlights and nonprofits spotlights are still being scheduled.

Jennifer Yates, Council Coordinator HuLA Early Childhood Advisory Council,

  • School readiness checklist and learning calendar available- reach out to Jennifer if you would like to receive a pdf version

Kathy Bueno, Director of Nursing Mt. Rose Health Center Palliative Care and Hospice,


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