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Communications Coalition- March 2021

The Huerfano Communications Coalition was created for the purpose of meeting to communicate programs, projects, and interest of mutual interest; to discuss and study matters of mutual interest and concern; and to develop policy and action recommendation for ratification and implementation by participating governmental entities, organization, corporations and agencies. The goal of the Coalition shall be to strengthen the local economy while combining total resources for meeting area challenges beyond the individual capacities of the Coalition members and to work across governmental boundaries for the combined good of Huerfano County.

Bailee Harris- Business Development Associate, Spanish Peaks Business Alliance,

  • Communications Coalition Treasurer report as of 1/29/21 we have $415.14- signatures are being changed to the Spanish Peaks Business Alliance board until a new Communications Coalition board is elected.

  • Flyers can be sent to me after the meeting- just as soon as possible after would be great

  • Debbie Channel (our previous president) has moved and I just wanted to thank her in the minutes for all her work on the Coalition and Huerfano County in general.

  • Colorado Department of Education- Youth Council Virtual Career fair- April 19-22 4-6:30 specific to High School looking for panelists and attendees

Mayor Brian Lalander, City of Walsenburg,

  • The City has been working on water problems and are making progress. Just a few meeting updates, check the City of Walsenburg website for Zoom links

March 9th 6pm Urban renewal authority meeting

March 13th 10am- volunteers meeting at Lathrop youth camp to continue cleaning up the property

March 23rd 6pm- Mayor’s listening session- the topic this time will be the future of the pool.

  • The city has been working with Tara Marshall from DOLA on grants and planning.

  • Park clean up will continue once it warms up.

Tammie Mack- Director of TSJC Adult Education Services,

  • Resumed face to face services in all their offices.

  • 10 graduates between all three programs & 35+ students passed their tests last year.

  • April 1st is the last date to join the program this year.

  • Their office is open Mondays and Wednesday mornings and evenings. Located at 129 Kansas Avenue in Walsenburg (in the Spanish Peaks Health Care building).

Jeanne Hoyt- Red Cross

  • Still responding to home fires 800-red-cross if you need our help. Red Cross Home Fire campaign will start soon- keep your eyes peeled for the number to call to create an appointment.

Veronica Maes- South Central Council of Governments Agency on Aging,

  • Feeding seniors, talks of opening congregate sites but unlikely for the next few months. Still working on a new facility off of Polk. Feeding seniors is the top priority.

  • Call 719-738-2205 if you need help with dental, vision, or hearing aids.

  • I'm planning on a soft opening next week, March 8. We don't have a certificate of occupancy yet, but can take in shredding orders and copy orders. Have already done quite a bit of Notary work, and would welcome more. If anyone wants to sign up for a mailbox, we can get you started. My One Hour Office's website will be up on Monday, and will have more information. Thanks to everyone for your patience! Looking forward to seeing you.

Maria Cocchiarelli- Berger- Director Museum of Friends,

  • Still open with online reservations. The COVID show COVID: Crisis or Opportunity is still on display. Stop by if you have not gotten to enjoy yet. There is art form all over the world. MoF is also working with Zooma Design and Claudia Gremulon to increase the visibility of the gift shop which has existed since 2008. They offer a whole range of “made in Walsenburg” products that make lovely gifts!

  • The MoF was awarded a grant to replace the planter boxes around Walsenburg with 3D plastic printed boxes. These will be much more durable and will hold up better during the winter. Anyone with 3D printing or CAD design experience is more than welcome (encouraged really!). The MoF needs help recruiting unemployed veterans to be employed part time printing the pieces. A complete explanation of the program can be received by reaching out to Maria. A kick off planning meeting is being planned for the first week of April.

Kelly Delia- treasurer, Spanish Peaks Business Alliance and Spanish Peaks Chamber of Commerce

  • Spanish Peaks Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight at 6 either at the Huerfano County Community Center or via zoom.

  • The Moving Vietnam wall will be visiting the Spanish Peaks Hospital June 18-20th. Looking for volunteers! Contact Dave Rogers if you can help,

Carl Young- Huerfano County Administrator,

  • Cleaning up after moving everyone around. Finance, HR, GPID are now on the 3rd floor of the Court House. Giving them a phone call or email will still be your best bet of getting in touch with them while they settle in.

Elisa Ingoldby- Boise Ortega Funeral Home,

  • Still doing renovations on their building. If you would like to talk about any end of life planning please call and make an appointment.

  • Grief support group information below. Please use this resource if you need it.

Carlton Croft- Huerfano County Economic Development

  • Spanish Peaks Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Community Center tonight at 6 attend in person or via zoom, Meeting ID: 672 333 6437

  • March 29th 6pm Sector Partnership meeting, register here to attend via zoom or join us at the community center: If you missed our last meeting you are still encouraged to attend! The more the merrier. We will be focusing on solutions to the problems raised at our last meeting.

Two Peaks Fitness- Kerrie Meyler,


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