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Communications Coalition- February 2021

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The Huerfano Communications Coalition was created for the purpose of meeting to communicate programs, projects, and interest of mutual interest; to discuss and study matters of mutual interest and concern; and to develop policy and action recommendation for ratification and implementation by participating governmental entities, organization, corporations and agencies. The goal of the Coalition shall be to strengthen the local economy while combining total resources for meeting area challenges beyond the individual capacities of the Coalition members and to work across governmental boundaries for the combined good of Huerfano County.

Bailee Harris,

Huerfano County's Small Business Relief Grant open now, closes February 9th. Email Dominic if you have questions. Find the application below,

Victoria Huffington, Spanish Peaks Chamber of Commerce

Mary Jo Tesitor, My One Hour Office (Walsenburg)

  • Getting excited to open soon! Great meeting with SCEDD about funding and working together.

  • Colorado Country Life Magazine had a great article about grant opportunities. Definitely worth a read.

  • Will need models for their website. Looking for all ages, sizes, etc. Will reach out when they have a date.

Sarah Jardis, Spanish Peaks Business Alliance, Fox Theatre, HCTB, COTW, Guesthouse, Ideal Gardens

Excited for Mary Jo to open! Commercial real estate has great interest right now. New businesses opening which are exciting, keep your eyes and ears open. Encourages everyone to welcome the new folks coming in.

Carl Young, Huerfano County Administrator

  • Lots of county positions are open now. Closing tomorrow- code enforcement and maintenance. Next week more applications will be open in veteran services, planning tech, Cuchara Mountain Park positions, deputies, and more. Email for the applications, job descriptions, and more information.

  • Advertising for a county attorney, engineer, Airport engineer, and planning position coming soon.

  • Just closed RFP for branding- will see a refreshed county brand soon. New website coming soon!

Jeanne White, American Red Cross

  • Just listening today. Red Cross is staying busy through the pandemic.

Claudia Trujillo, Museum of Friends

  • Curatorial Assistant- Excited about ADA Bathroom! Museum is currently open 10-4. showing COVID show. In April a travelling exhibit entitled, “Talking it Out: Getting to Agreement”. This is ‘a unique photo and story exhibit that features Coloradans working together to solve problems. The exhibit illustrates seven stories of people and communities that have made a choice to solve their problems constructively. It gives evidence of the changes that can be made when we deliberately choose collaborative conflict resolution methods.’

  • Working on signage for the museum and gift shop with Zooma Design.

Aubrey Lykins, Walsenburg Downtown Revitalization, Crafty Canary

  • Downtown working with preservation society on a plaque for businesses who have historical buildings. Also working on hanging flower baskets downtown. Reach out to Aubrey if you are interested in getting involved.

  • Canary is open for drinks or order online here!

Debi Sproleder, World Journal

  • Listening and hearing how everyone is doing. Special project- Western Spirit service magazine, reach out if you would like to be included.

Bob Kennemer, SCEDD

  • Echo Mary Jo that they had a great visit. SCEDD is here to help connect Non profits, governments, and businesses with funding sources.Bob’s job is two fold- Disaster recovery- recover from the pandemic with relief funds/grants/ etc. and Coordinating the following survey to help set priorities for the region for the next five years. Take the following survey, deadline is September.

Cuchara Mtn Park GoCo Grant for out door classroom and bathrooms.

Scenic Hwy of Legends federally certified scenic byway application has been submitted. Should know in the next month.

Rachel La Veta Public Library

  • Resource pages on the website, Includes everything you’d need to learn how to turn on your computer to coding. Still doing 1 on 1 tech support, just call.

Kelly Delia, SPCC and SPBA, LV Park and Tree, Crafted in Colorado

  • First meeting, just listening. Business Alliance is planning an event in mid March via zoom. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date,

Mayor Brian Lalander, City of Walsenburg

  • Starting to get administrator’s feet wet. Met our compliance for water treatment plant. Loves is moving forward. Lathrop has been toured a few times for a mental health location. Water treatment plant- need to replace filter media- bids are started. Should be changed in the next month. Northlands steering committee meeting today at 4. Looking how we can develop that space moving forward. 2019 audit almost done. Cleaning up parks and river- no update if the pool will be open this year.

  • Veronica asked if the city water is safe to drink. The Mayor says he only drinks tap water- health department says turbidity is not unsafe. But it increases the likelihood of bacteria. Pre-existing conditions should consult a doctor. The health department will order a boil order if needed.

Veronica Maes, SCCOG Agency on Aging

  • Thanks mayor for answering the question. Food distribution next tuesday- care and share. 200,000 lb of food distributed this year. We will continue to serve and get food out to the community. 60+ Senior service hot meal 5 days a week. Pushing out some boxes. Come get in line at the Community Center 2nd Tuesday of every month at 10 am.

  • In-home care services is still looking for providers.

LV Village

Started construction!

Camille Lynn, Community member

Just listening today

Elisa Ingoldby, Boies-Ortega Funeral Home

  • Still under remodel and working on the facility. Business is slow (happy to report).

  • Elisa’s house will be on the market at the end of the month! Help her sell so she can build a barn. Sylvia Vigil COTW is posting her house at the end of the month.

RAI Enterprises- 719-859-3799 give them a call if you need dirt work, construction, etc.

Sue Smith,, La Veta School District

New build is still being worked on. Still holding school during the pandemic.

Carlton Croft,, Huerfano County Economic Development

  • Stoehr Cleaners opening March 1st in Walsenburg- we will have dry cleaning!

  • Looking at new economic opportunities for the region.

Kerrie Meyler,, Two Peaks Fitness,

Beckie Roden, Healing Arts Massage Therapy,


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