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micro loans

The Huerfano County Economic Development’s Micro Loan Program is a small, short term loan designed to provide businesses with up to $5,000.00 of capital to cover expenses like advertising and marketing, building maintenance and improvement, expansion, cost of opening a new location or new business, and any other expenses the Huerfano County Economic Development board deems as appropriate use of Micro Loan funds.

Criteria for receiving a Micro Loan from Huerfano County Economic Development:

The HCED Micro Loan program is for Huerfano County business that meet the following:

  1. Must be a new or existing business in Huerfano County.

  2. Business owner or owners must provide a business plan for use of the funds.

  3. Business owner or owners must provide current residency address, phone numbers, e-mail address and any other information the HCED Board deems necessary.

  4. Business owner or owners must agree to background check if HCED Board requests one.

  5. Business owner or owners agree to repay fund within the schedule of the loan terms.

Click below to download the loan summary and application.

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